Table 1

Contributions to support Arizona’s Proposition 200

Arizona for a Healthy Future contributorAmount (US$)
Hospitals and healthcare groups
Arizona Hospital Association698 195
 Hospitals and healthcare centres/groups932 206
Subtotal1 630 401
Voluntary/non-profit health groups
American Cancer Society, AZ division86 046
 American Heart Association62 263
 American Lung Association3 675
 Arizonans Concerned About Smoking4 343
 Navajo Nation Health Foundation11 034
 Mayo Foundation for Medical Education2 000
Subtotal169 361
Other businesses and individuals
Subtotal75 229
Total1 874 991
  • Source: Arizona secretary of state campaign finance report, statement of contributors and expenditures, Arizona for a Healthy Future, 31 January 1995.

  • Note: The post-general election report describing additional contributions of $47 057 was not found at the secretary of state office.