Table 2

Distribution of risk factors in patients with first-ever stroke and community controls and odds ratio associated with the risk of stroke

Patients with stroke (n = 521)Community controls
(n = 1851)
OR2-15095% CI
Smoking status
Never smoked16231.190148.71.00Referent
 Active smokers16431.525513.84.273.23–5.65
  ⩾15 cigarettes/day9518.21548.34.653.32–6.53
  6–14 cigarettes/day428.1623.43.902.50–6.08
  ⩽5 cigarettes/day275.2392.13.572.07–6.15
 Never smoked16231.190148.71.00Referent
  <2 years224.2462.42.491.40–4.45
  2–10 years499.419010.31.481.01–2.17
  >10 years10319.843523.50.970.72–1.32
  Unknown years51.010.1NDND
 Passive smokers2-151 26550.9133672.2NDND
  Not exposed11021.166035.71.00Referent
  Unknown exposure163.0231.2NDND
History of heart disease
  • 2-150 Odds ratio adjusted for age and sex using the Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel method.

  • 2-151 Includes ex-smokers who quit more than 10 years previously.

  • 95% CI = 95% confidence intervals; ND = no data.