Table 4

Risk of first-ever stroke associated with active smoking, ex-smoking, and passive smoking, men and women aged 35–74 years

Smoking statusReference group 2: non-smokers (not exposed to ETS)
Patients with stroke (n = 521)Community controls
(n = 1851)
OR4-15095% CI
Passive smokers
Not exposed11021.166035.71.00Referent
Active smokers16431.525513.86.334.50–8.91
 ⩾15 cigarettes/day9518.21548.37.064.75–10.49
 6–14 cigarettes/day428.1623.46.633.89–11.30
 ⩽5 cigarettes/day275.2392.13.892.03–7.47
 <2 years224.2462.43.451.84–6.46
 2–10 years499.419010.31.891.21–2.93
  • 4-150 Odds ratios adjusted for age, sex, diabetes, hypertension, and history of heart disease in logisitic regression analysis. Includes ex-smokers who had quit more than 10 years previously. ETS = environmental tobacco smoke; CI = confidence intervals.