Table 1

Targets for each item in the youth access score

1 Minimum ageProhibits the sale or distribution of any tobacco products to persons under 18 years of age through any sales or distribution outlet, and a warning sign is required at point of purchase with specific penalty for failing to post a sign.
2 PackagingProhibits all cigarette sales other than in a sealed package conforming to federal labelling requirements.
3 Clerk interventionProhibits access to or purchase of tobacco products without the intervention of a sales clerk.
4 Photo identificationRequires merchants to request photographic identification for customers who appear to be under 21 years of age.
5 Vending machinesTotal ban on sale of all tobacco products through vending machines in all locations.
6 Free distributionTotal ban on distribution of free tobacco samples, coupons for free samples, or rebates.
7 Graduated penaltiesEstablishes a system of graduated penalties or fines applicable to all youth access laws, to be levied within three years, plus possibility of suspension or revocation of a required tobacco retail licence for repeated sales to minors.
8 Random inspectionsEstablishes random, unannounced inspections of retailers as part of the enforcement mechanism, using underage buyers for the purpose of identifying violators, and does not prohibit other use of minors to test compliance.
9 Statewide enforcementEstablishes a clearly designated statewide enforcement authority for sales.