Table 2

Detailed analytical studies

Tobacco use Production and marketing Taxation
Determinants of tobacco use, including sociocultural and psychological influences and their impact on high risk populationsIndividual, national and regional dependence on tobaccoRevenue and product loss as a result of smuggling
Optimal components of a tobacco control strategy (programmes and policies)Impact of growing presence of TTCs in the regionBarriers to and opportunities for regional harmonisation of taxes and prices
Opportunities for and barriers to tobacco controlChanges in public perception of advertising and promotion by TTCsDemand and supply elasticity studies for an optimal level of taxation
Influence of smuggling on tobacco useDimensions and effects of brand stretchingCountry and segment specific impact of taxation on tobacco control
Influence of advertising and sponsorship on tobacco use, particularly with respect to women and childrenImpact of tobacco control legislation and measures on cross border marketing
Effective messages to counter tobacco promotionTobacco production and destruction of the ecosystem
Illegal trafficking: impact and determinants
Crop substitution as a disincentive to growing tobacco
Effect of international trade agreements on production, trade, and marketing