Table 3

Selected tobacco control policies by country sample in 1993, according to investigators’ qualitative reports

SPI scaleAustraliaHong KongNetherlandsSouth AfricaUnited KingdomUnited States
Advertising and promotion
Ban tobacco ads in electronic broadcast mediaYesYesYesPartialYesYes
 Ban tobacco ads in print mediaYesNoPartialNoNoPartial
 Ban billboard adsYesPartialNoNoNoNo
 Ban free samples and promotional itemsYesYesNoNoNoPartial
 Ban tobacco sponsorship of sports eventsYesPartialNoNoNoNo
 Ban smokeless tobaccoYesNoNoNoNoPartial
 Ban tobacco promotion in public cinemaYesYesNoNoNoPartial
Public education
Health warnings on cigarettes packsYesYesYesYesYesYes
 Health warnings on advertisingYesYesYesNoYesYes
 Strong anti-tobacco health promotionYesYesPartialNoPartialYes
Laws and penalties
Minimum age-of-purchase lawsYesYesNoNoPartialYes
 Strong enforcement of penalties for sales to minorsYesYesNoNoNoPartial
 Limits on pack size, including number of cigarettes per packYesNoYesNoNoYes
Taxes and fees
Federal excise tax on tobaccoYesYesYesYesYesYes
 Tax increases intended to decrease smokingYesYesPartialNoYesPartial
Environmental restrictions
 Hospitals and medical care facilitiesYesYesPartialPartialPartialPartial
 Public transportationYesYesPartialPartialPartialYes
  • Yes = legislation or regulation is fully in effect.

  • No = legislation or regulation is not in effect.

  • Partial = policy only partially implemented throughout country.

  • SPI = Smoking Policy Inventory.