Table 1

Mean scale values (95% CI) for nine advertisement as rated by panel of 15 judges

Advertisement Description Negative emotion Positive emotion Strength of emotional appeal Cognitive quality Helpfulness
Janet SackmanFormer cigarette model who lost vocal cords because of cancer, discusses the addictiveness of smoking and deception by cigarette companies5.83 (±1.25)1.47 (±.95)5.40 (±1.92)5.58 (±1.26)3.57 (±1.87)
Baby monitorA crying, coughing baby is heard over a baby monitor as the words on screen cite statistics on illness caused by environmental tobacco smoke that “the tobacco industry doesn't want to hear”5.27 (±1.73)1.43 (±.70)5.13 (±1.73)4.78 (±1.36)2.67 (±1.32)
Victor CrawfordEx-tobacco lobbyist apologises for lying. At the end it is revealed that he has since died of throat cancer5.23 (±1.32)1.63 (±.61)5.27 (±1.44)5.62 (±1.25)3.57 (±1.27)
Hole in throatA man with no vocal cords uses a voice synthesiser to “sing” happy birthday to the tobacco industry5.17 (±1.99)1.60 (±1.18)4.80 (±1.82)4.58 (±1.52)2.30 (±1.13)
Cigarette packMan places a picture of his daughter on a cigarette pack, saying “If the reasons on the side of the pack don't get to me, the reason on the front will”1.90 (±1.27)2.10 (±1.14)5.00 (±1.93)5.16 (±1.56)4.87 (±2.15)
Iron crossNarrator describes benefits to babies of a smoke-free environment as a giggling infant pulls himself up on a pair of gymnasts' rings1.50 (±1.55)3.43 (±1.56)3.53 (±2.20)3.56 (±2.11)3.33 (±1.77)
Ask your docWith mock seriousness, a surgeon heroically removes cigarette from the hand of a grateful man in a business suit who had been rolled into the operating room. 1.37 (±1.08)4.17 (±1.88)1.07 (±.26)2.82 (±1.64)2.60 (±1.45)
Simple thingsAmid amusingly chaotic children, a mother circles a day on her calendar as the date she is going to quit smoking1.07 (±.26)3.77 (±1.36)1.67 (±1.05)3.67 (±1.21)2.97 (±1.61)
CakeA grandmother, smoke-free for a year, shows how strong her lungs are when she accidentally blows her birthday cake off the table and out the window.1.07 (±.18) 5.07 (±1.37)2.93 (±1.62)3.64 (±1.80)3.50 (±2.01)