Table 4

Post-training cessation related activities for basic skills and specialist participants

n %
Basic skills post-training cessation related activities (n=497)
 Have performed at least 1 brief intervention since completing training40280.9
 Have performed a brief intervention in the past 30 days29158.6
 Have made at least 1 referral to intensive services since completing training3304-150 74.84-150
 Have made a referral to intensive services in the past 30 days2594-150 57.54-150
Specialist post-training cessation related activities (n=82)
 Delivering intensive services 4048.8
 Teaching tobacco cessation basic skills classes 5769.5
 Delivering intensive services and teaching tobacco cessation basic skills classes 2935.4
  • 4-150 416 respondents. Since missing data were non-random, the percentage of basic skills participants making referrals was conservatively adjusted downward based on analyses of respondents. The percentage of “referrals since completing training” was adjusted down from 79.3%, and “referral in the past 30 days” was adjusted down from 62.3%.