Table 1

Details of random controlled trails of acupuncture for smoking cessation

Author n Treatment Sustained treatment Control procedure(s) Duration of follow up
Sham-controlled RCTs
Clavel19 996Facial (+ nicotine/placebo gum)NASham (+ nicotine/placebo gum)13 months
Gilbey21  92Auriculoi.n.Sham3 months
Gillams22  81Auriculoi.n.(a) Sham6 months
(b) Behaviour
Lacroix24 117FaceNASham2 weeks
Lagrue25 154FaceNASham
Lamontagne26  75AuriculoNA(a) Body, for relaxation6 months
(b) Waiting list
Martin29 134(a) Auriculoi.n.(a) Sham6 months
126(b) Auriculo + EA(b) Sham
Parker30  21(a) Auriculoi.n.(a) Sham6 weeks
 20(b) Auriculo + EA(b) Sham
Steiner31  22Body + auriculoi.n.Sham4 weeks
Vandevenne32 200Face + bodyNASham12 months
RCTs using other controls
Clavel17 665FacialNA(a) Nicotine gum13 months
(b) Timed cigarette case
Cottraux20 558Auriculo + facialNA(a) Behaviour12 months
(b) Placebo
(c) Waiting list
Labadie23 130Auriculo + face + bodyNAMedical12 months
Leung27  95Auriculoi.n.(a) Behaviour6 months
(b) Waiting list
  • EA = electroacupuncture; i.n. = indwelling needle.

  • NA = not applicable.