Table 1

Demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of study participants

Participants UC group MI group p Value
Age (years) (mean (SD))23.4 (5.6)25.8 (6.6)0.05
 Black/African America62.3%53.8%
 White, not hispanic13.1%17.3%
Number of childrenNS
 < High school55.1%44.2%
 High school25.9%30.8%
 > High school19.0%25.0%
Marital status0.01
 Married/living as married12.1%32.7%
 Single/divorced, widowed87.9%67.3%
On Medicaid (%)70.2%72.5%NS
Smoking status0.05
 Current smoker81.7%94.2%
 Recent quitter18.3%5.8%
Cigarettes smoked/day (mean (SD))8.1 (5.3)8.4 (8.5)NS
Nicotine dependent40.3%52.0%NS
Stage of readiness to quitNS
Some/most of family/friends smoke72.4%73.0%NS
  • UC, usual care; MI, motivational intervention; NS, not significant.