Table 3

Comparison of percentage differences in factors known to be associated with cigarette smoking between Chinese American minors and their white counterparts

Factors Chinese White Ratio χ2 p
Social network smoking
 Parent smoking20.5833.540.6125.290.001
 Sibling smoking4.6412.090.3817.740.001
 Friend smoking (m)19.5235.920.5433.310.001
 Friend smoking (f)13.1631.460.4246.220.001
 Teacher smoking74.9282.060.9110.320.001
Media exposure to tobacco
 Exposed to media45.5351.920.889.490.002
Attitude towards smoking behaviour
 Hate being around smokers83.5772.741.1520.020.001
 Smokers turn me off81.8480.701.010.280.595
 Feel OK around smokers19.0230.900.6222.340.001
Perceived benefits of cigarette smoking
 Good for party40.0645.600.884.160.041
 Helps relax37.7534.531.091.530.215
 Relieves boredom19.8817.581.131.220.269
Perceived parents' approval of smoking
 Parent OK with my smoking11.5315.410.753.910.048
Acculturation variables
 Age in US >6 years89.6399.250.90293.820.0001
 Language at home70.1498.700.711238.620.0001
 English skills69.4598.440.711146.410.0001