Table 3

Abstinence rates in one month and 12 month follow up among the respondents and in the samples (%)

1 month abstinence rate48.
12 month continuous abstinence rate3-150 39.958.341.722.513.218.2
12 month point abstinence rate3-151
Sample3-152 n=2789n=330n=3119n=818n=630n=1448
1 month abstinence rate44.357.945.743.042.943.0
12 month continuous abstinence rate36.550.338.
12 month point abstinence rate49.658.850.624.824.324.9
  • 3-150 Those who were smoke free for the whole follow up of 12 months.

  • 3-151 All quitters reporting to be non-smokers at the time point of the follow up.

  • 3-152 Considering all the non-respondents as smokers.