Table 3

Smokers' perceptions and feelings of packaging and smoking in the post-study interview

Examples of respondent comments
Pack perceptionsThe brown packet, yeh, like I say it isn't really a nice colour…I think it's because like, tobacco is brown, so therefore you're thinking of tobacco rather than cigarettes (Male, 25–35 years, ABC1)
Not a fan, I wouldn't buy them. But then that is a good thing then really isn't it? (Female, 25–35 years, ABC1)
Even the colour of the pack just made me think, oh God, are my lungs this colour as well? (Female, 25–35 years, C2DE)
It's a kind of, I don't know what's the best word for it, a kind of a pooey colour (Male, 25–35 years, ABC1)
Pack feelingsWith the brown pack I did feel a wee bit, not ashamed, but I did feel different (Female, 18–24 years, ABC1)
Embarrassed to take them out and show people (Female, 25–35 years, C2DE)
It made me feel bad and gave me a guilty conscience (Female, 25–35 years, C2DE)
On a Saturday night I was more conscious of taking the packet out, not so much during the week, it didn't really bother me during the week…it was more when I as out in the pub on a Saturday when I was quite mortified (Female, 18–24 years, ABC1)
Feelings about smokingSmoking never really bothered me, like it was just something that I done and it never really bothered me, until I was using the brown pack because obviously the colour and how noticeable it was when you pulled them out the packet. It definitely did feel more horrible to actually smoke (Female, 18–24 years, ABC1)
It made me feel horrible aye. Even though it's still my cigarettes and they were my own make in the pack, I did still feel, mm, should I be doing this or not? (Female, 18–24 years, C2DE)
I felt like I was smoking a cheap cigarette (Male, 25–35 years, C2DE)
It almost didn't taste as good (Female, 25–35 years, C2DE)