Table 1

Black youth readership and tobacco advertising expenditures in 36 magazines

Magazine % Black youth readers1-150 Total pages of cigarette advertising, 1990 and 19941-151 Total expenditures for cigarette advertising, 1990 and 1994 (in millions of 1994 dollars)1-151
Black youth magazines1-152
Total, black youth magazines84.7322.910.5
Other magazines
 True Story26.3118.62.9
 Better Homes and Gardens24.361.09.4
 New Woman23.0134.74.3
 Soap Opera Digest21.7130.53.9
 Sporting News20.665.61.7
 Car and Driver19.7112.07.0
 Road and Track19.495.54.4
 Family Circle17.882.99.2
 TV Guide17.5200.327.3
 Popular Science16.825.31.6
 Sports Illustrated16.6300.947.8
 Woman's Day16.2108.310.6
 Motor Trend14.487.63.9
 Hot Rod11.0141.54.7
 Popular Mechanics10.467.94.5
 Field and Stream10.0103.77.2
 Rolling Stone8.3260.713.1
 Outdoor Life8.082.74.3
Total, other magazines16.94135.2329.6
Total, all magazines21.94457.9340.1
  • From Simmons Market Research Bureau, Inc,21-23Teenage Research Unlimited,24 Mediamark Research Inc,25 and Leading National Advertisers.18 19

  • 1-150 The percentage of black youth readers is defined as the ratio of the number of black readers ages 12–17 to the number of all readers ages 12–17. Values given are the average percentage black youth readership for the years 1990 and 1994 combined.

  • 1-151 Total pages or expenditures for advertising among the 12 cigarette brands in our study, added for the years 1990 and 1994. All expenditures are in 1994 dollars, using a cost index for magazine advertising.33

  • 1-152 Black youth magazines are defined as those for which greater than 75% of youth (ages 12–17) readers are black.