Table 1

Percentage reporting past month cigarette use in the US population of females aged 15–44 years by pregnancy status and demographic characteristics: annual averages based on 1994, 1995, and 1996 samples combined

Demographic characteristicsPast month cigarette use
PregnantNot pregnant
 15–24 years27.231.1
 26–44 years15.932.3
 White non-Hispanic23.335.1
 Black non-Hispanic20.929.0
Marital status
 Not married32.536.8
Adult education
 Less than high school44.049.1
 High school graduate21.837.8
 Some college13.330.6
 College graduate7.417.2
  • Source: Excerpted from Office of Applied Studies—National Household Survey on Drug Abuse, main findings, 1996. SAMHSA-DHSS, April 1998: pages 17, 165