Table 2

Total pages of cigarette promotional advertising in 36 magazines, 1980–1993, by cigarette company and brand

Company brandTotal pages of cigarette promotional advertising
All magazinesYouth magazines2-150
Philip Morris507.342.6370.958.6
 Benson & Hedges46.
 Virginia Slims32.
RJ Reynolds319.426.8193.530.6
Brown & Williamson196.816.525.04.0
Other companies38.
All youth brands2-151 698.758.7524.482.9
All adult brands2-151 491.241.3108.017.1
  • From Leading National Advertisers.[24]

  • 2-150 Youth magazines are defined as those whose percentage of youth readers (youth [ages 12–17 years] readers divided by total [ages ⩾12 years] readers) in a given year is greater than the overall average percentage of youth readers (for all magazines combined) in that year.

  • 2-151 Youth cigarette brands are Marlboro, Camel, Newport, Winston, and Kool (see text for explanation of brand classification).