Table 1

NNN and NNK in recently purchased smokeless tobacco products*

μg/g Dry weight
Altria brands
Copenhagen snuff4.381.19
Copenhagen long cut3.861.89
Copenhagen long cut wintergreen3.061.51
Skoal straight long cut3.431.50
Skoal straight long cut wintergreen3.611.61
Skoal Bandits pouches wintergreen3.421.74
Marlboro Snus rich0.5940.130
Marlboro Snus spearmint0.6990.221
Marlboro Snus peppermint0.5340.220
Marlboro Snus mild0.5890.191
RAI brands
Grizzly snuff8.132.94
Kodiak wintergreen3.361.69
Camel Snus frost1.070.428
Camel Snus mellow1.190.460
  • * Traditional products were purchased in 2010; Marlboro Snus and Camel Snus were purchased in 2009.

  • NNK, 4-(methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanone; NNN, N'-nitrosonornicotine.