Table 1

Major policy themes in newspaper coverage of the tobacco settlement debate, 1997–98

Theme1-150Number of times mentionedNumber of mentions in headline or first four paragraphsPercentage of all mentions appearing in headline or first four paragraphsNumber of times theme appeared as major focus of articlePercentage of articles in which theme appeared as major focus
Public health policy aspects
 FDA authority1384533%3126%
 Advertising restrictions761621%2622%
 Allocation of revenue for antismoking campaign28414%54%
 Secondhand smoke13323%43%
 Youth access12542%43%
 Adult cessation11218%22%
Financial aspects
 Generation of new revenue2697327%5244%
 Cigarette tax/price increase1914624%3832%
 Industry payments/penalties671421%1210%
 Farmer support561629%87%
Civil justice aspects
 Immunity in general1805330%3933%
 Ban on punitive damages381026%65%
 Annual liability caps341235%54%
 Ban on class action suits2727%33%
 Elimination of third party payer suits000%00%
  • 1-150 See Methods for explanation of policy themes.