Table 3

Trends in prevalence of dominant tobacco control frames, 1985–1998

Frame3-150Percentage of articles in which frame appeared as the dominant frame
1985–1992 (n=81)1993–1996 (n=96)1997–1998 (n=117)
Non-smokers' rights30%20%0%
Killer/corporate liability23%7%0%
Outside intruder7%7%5%
Drug delivery device4%10%6%
Smokers at risk4%2%4%
David vGoliath4%1%9%
Costs of smoking2%3%5%
  • 3-150 Frames are adapted from previous analysis by Menashe and Siegel.1 Prevalence of dominant tobacco control frames in newspaper articles for the periods 1985–1992 and 1993–1996 are from analysis by Menashe and Siegel.1