Table 4

Logit models of smoking participation (local-brand cigarettes)

BaselineInclusive of environmental site-specific controls
Log price (local brand)−0.065*** (0.019)−0.043*** (0.015)
Anti-smoking sentiment−0.094*** (0.026)
Cigarette advertising0.126*** (0.045)
Anti-tobacco media−0.088* (0.046)
Youth access−0.102*** (0.028)
Price elasticity of smoking participation−1.101***−0.741***
  • Coefficients represent the marginal effect of each variable on the probability (rate) of smoking participation.

  • SEs clustered by survey site.

  • SEs in parentheses.

  • *p<0.1; ***p<0.01.

  • All specifications include Age, Age Squared, Gender, Parental Smoking, Pocket Money and year and country dummy variables.

  • Inclusive specifications include the following environmental controls: Anti-Smoking Sentiment, Cigarette Advertising, Anti-Tobacco Media and Youth Access.