Table 1

Sample neonatal health care cost smoking attributable fraction: MCHSAMMEC module, SAMMEC Version 4.0

States selected:
Alabama and Missouri and North Carolina and Wyoming
Population demographic selected:
Age (years)< 18 or 18–34 or >34
EducationNo high school graduate or high school graduate, or some college or college graduate
InsurancePrivate or Medicaid or other public or none
Marital statusMarried or unmarried
Prenatal careNone or 1st trimester or 2nd trimester or 3rd trimester
RaceWhite or African American or other
Descriptive statistics on selected subset of the standard population:
Observations:241015Number of observations matching selections above
Smoking prevalence:16.43%Smoking prevalence in selected population
SA expenditures:$28.48 MSmoking attributable expenditures in selected population
Total expenditures:$1.029 BTotal expenditures in selected populations
SAF among smokers:15.22%Smoking attributable fraction of expenditures for smokers in selected population
Overall SAF:2.77%Overall smoking attributable fraction of expenditures in selected population
User adjusted statistics:
User's smoking
 prevalence:30.0%Smoking prevalence in user's population
User adjusted overall
 SAF:5.05%Smoking attributable fraction of expenditures adjusted for user's prevalence
  • Data are for illustration purposes only. M, million; B, billion.