Table 1

Sources quoted in articles reporting passive smoking research

Type of person quotedMagazine articles (n = 92)Newspaper articles (n = 180)zp
% (n) % n
Public health/government officials32(30)56(101)3.62<0.0001
Non-smoker's rights advocates24(22)4(8)4.83 <0.0001
Tobacco industry representatives12(11)52(94)6.28 0.0001
Smoker's rights advocates2(2)0(0)1.120.26
Other or no affiliation3(3)0(0)1.70 0.09
  • Percentages add to more than 100 because the categories are not mutually exclusive. An article was rated as quoting someone in a particular category if at least one person in that category was quoted. Differences in proportions were analysed using thez statistic.