Table 4

Knowledge and attitudes about tobacco usage among smokeless-only users and dual users

Knowledge and attitudesSmokeless-only usersDual users
TotalAwareUnawareAdj ORTotalAwareUnawareAdj OR
Campaign-relevant items:
 Smokeless tobacco causes mouth cancer (% true)8994812.4**9496891.5
 Smokeless tobacco causes throat cancer (% true)8489761.7**8791772.3**
 Using smokeless tobacco causes serious illness (% agree)8690791.6**8283810.9
 It would improve my health if I quit using smokeless tobacco (% agree)7579681.3*7982741.5*
Non-campaign-relevant items:
 Smokeless tobacco causes the birth of low birthweight babies among pregnant women (% true)3941351.15153471.1
 The dangers of smokeless tobacco have been exaggerated (% agree)3740320.94549341.3
 The people important to me believe that I should not use smokeless tobacco (% agree)7377671.07173661.1
  • *p≤0.05; **p≤0.001.

  • Covariates adjusted for: sex, age, SES, settlement type, region, TV and radio usage, intentions to quit, interpersonal communication about smokeless tobacco. A significant adjusted OR indicates that even after confounding factors have been taken into account, the odds of the ‘aware’ group agreeing with the statement are significantly different from the odds of the ‘unaware’ group agreeing with the same statement.