Table 2

Assessment of tobacco marketing exposure and other intermediate outcomes of marketing regulation in multicountry surveillance surveys

Exposure measuresGYTS31GATS32ITC-433
Advertising (direct)
 Direct mail011
 Point of sale, advertising011
 Point of sale, pack displays001
Advertising (indirect)
 Branded merchandise111
 Free tobacco products111
 Sponsored events001
Price promotion
 Gifts with purchase011
Other intermediate outcomes
 Difficulty of quitting202
 Perceived access000
 Perceived approval000
 Perceived prevalence000
 Positive outcome expectations202
 Receptivity to tobacco marketing000
  • Cell entries: 0=unmeasured, 1=discrete measure, 2=frequency measure.

  • * Television only.

  • Radio only

  • Measured for a subset of countries.

  • GYTS, Global Youth Tobacco Survey; GATS, Global Adult Tobacco Survey; ITC-4, International Tobacco Control Four Country Survey (Australia, Canada, UK, USA).