Table 1

Restrictions on advertising, promotion and sponsorship compared for large cigarette markets and as a proportion of all countries; In some cases, a partial ban may reflect variation in subnational policies; for example, Australia and Canada banned retail advertising and pack displays at different times in different areas and In other cases, partial bans reflect limitations on content or placement, such as a prohibition on advertising in magazines with a large youth readership in the USA and Russia (see footnotes for specific examples).

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  • Data sources are given in the reference list.

  • *Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids (CTFK) regards Canada's ban on point-of-sale advertising as a partial ban because the Tobacco Act permits signs in places where persons under 18 years are not permitted. Point-of-sale advertising is not allowed in other retail establishments.

  • †CTFK regards Canada's ban on point-of-sale pack displays as a partial ban because it does not apply to tobacconist shops or duty free stores.

  • ‡The ban on pack displays in the UK will be implemented in small stores by April 2012 and in large stores by April 2015.

  • §Australia and Canada permit financial sponsorship, but the public acknowledgement of that support is restricted. CTFK regards this as a partial ban.