Table 4

Sensitivity analysis showing how missing data for exposure to tobacco use in movies was handled for assessment of its relation with ever tobacco use

Exposure to movie tobacco useAdjusted* OR (95% CI)
Model IModel IIModel III§
First quartileReferenceReferenceReference
Second quartile1.1 (0.6–2.0)1.3 (0.7–2.6)1.7 (0.7–4.0)
Third quartile1.6 (0.9–2.7)2.0 (1.1–3.7)1.8 (0.8–4.1)
Fourth quartile2.3 (1.3–3.9)2.9 (1.6–5.3)3.6 (1.7–7.6)
  • * Adjusted for demographic profiles, social influences, academic performance, sensation seeking and authoritative parenting.

  • Final model from table 3, no adjustment for missing data on movie tobacco use (n=3956).

  • Dropping 198 students who failed to answer more than 20 movie questions (n=3758).

  • § Dropping 1351 students who failed to answer one or more movie questions (n=2605).