Table 1

The four largest transnational tobacco companies by volume and market share, 2010 figures

CompanyVolume (billions of cigarettes)World market share
Philip Morris International (PMI)899.9*24.4%
British American Tobacco (BAT)70820.5%
Japan Tobacco/Japan Tobacco International (JT/JTI)56316.2%
Imperial Tobacco308.78.6%
  • Sources: PMI, BAT, JT/JTI and Imperial's 2010 annual reports (JT/JTI from March 2010 to March 2011) as available on each company's website.

  • * The 140.8 billion cigarettes sold by Philip Morris USA are not included, as it is a separate company from PMI.

  • JT/JTI includes 134.6 billion of cigarettes sold in Japan's domestic market and 428.4 billion sold by JTI. Not included are the 3.5 billion cigarettes representing the volume of the JT China Division (including Hong Kong and Macau) and domestic duty free, separately reported by the company.