Table 4

Smokers' perceptions of health warnings on plain packs and avoidant behaviour and behavioural change

Examples of respondent comments
Health warningsWith the lack of advertisement, the health warning is the only thing you really notice on the packet. That stands out (Male, 25–35 years, C2DE)
You notice them more because there is nothing else on the packaging for the eye to go to…I think because you notice them more, I think it tends to make you think about it a bit more (Male, 25–35 years, C2DE)
The picture on it was more obvious, what it was doing to you (Female, 25–35 years, C2DE)
Behavioural change/avoidant behaviourWell usually if I've got my normal packet I would have one if I was waiting on the bus or something, but when I was using the brown packets, no, I kept it in my bag (Female, 18–24 years, C2DE)
I kind of hid them away more. I didn't have the packet on show as much as what I usually do (Female, 18–24 years, C2DE)
I did take it out less when I was out at the weekend (Female, 18–24 years, ABC1)
It did make me cut down a wee bit because see taking the packet out it was quite embarrassing (Female, 18–24 years, C2DE)
The colour puts you off a wee bit, you know, makes you smoke less (Female, 25–35 years, C2DE)