Table 1

New Zealand trends in tobacco and tobacco products consumption and adult and youth smoking prevalence, with OECD rankings for 1995 values and rate of change 1985-95

1985 1990 1995 1995 OECD rank (1st = lowest) 1985-95 % change OECD rank for rate of change 1985-95
Tobacco products/adult, consumption, cigarettes or grams RYO per adult per year 2493195914722nd of 23−41%1st of 231-150 countries1-151
Cigarettes or grams RYO/ smoker/ day  23  20  152nd of 21−34%1st of 211-152
Adult smoking prevalence age 15+ years (%)   30  27  268th of 21−12%9th of 211-152
Youth smoking prevalence 15–24 years (%)  35  32  2910th of 19−18%3rd of 171-152
  • 1-150 1st = largest reduction achieved of any country in group.

  • 1-151 Data on tobacco products consumption per adult: 23 OECD countries compared (see Method).

  • 1-152 Data on smoking prevalences and consumption per smoker, 1995: not obtained for Switzerland; Turkey; for youth prevalence not for Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Japan, Switzerland, Turkey. Netherlands data were for ages 15–19 years. In a few years, prevalences were estimated from adjacent year values.

  • Source: Health New Zealand database 1999,6 based on national statistical publications, US Department of Agriculture,46 UN commodity production and trade data, and OECD mid year populations, including cigarettes by number, cigars, and manufactured tobacco (including RYO and pipe) by weight, calculated as: 1 manufactured cigarette = 1 g tobacco. Smokeless tobacco was not included. RYO, roll your own.