Table 2

Mortality, whether cigarette smoking attributable or not, in New Zealand in middle age (age 35–69 years), 1975 to 1996, annual rates per 1000 persons, age standardised

Death rates per 1000 (mean of seven age specific rates, age 35–69 years) 1975 19851990199519961985-96 % change
Male, cigarette smoking attributable4.573.672.892.412.31−37%
Male, all other mortality 9.488.217.166.576.53−21%
Female, cigarette attributable1.011.351.331.281.21−10%
Female, all other mortality6.505.425.014.454.34−20%
  • Source: Peto et al 3 for 1975-90; 1995-96 data calculated by same method.