Table 2

Papers published in Tobacco Control, 1992–2011, on smoke-free environments

Location of focusYear of publication
Healthcare facilities (hospitals, psychiatric units, nursing homes, pharmacies)5645
Public transportation (aeroplanes, airports, buses, taxis)2171
Sporting venues1011
Educational buildings and campuses0442
Public indoor places (malls, churches, temples, museums)0210
Hospitality venues (hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs, casinos)1104438
Private vehicles0023
Outdoor spaces (beaches, parks, building entrances)0005
Workplaces not specified1181518
  • A search was conducted on the Tobacco Control website for the keyword ‘smoke-free’, yielding 682 publications. All titles were reviewed and the ones focused on smoke-free environments were included (238) and classified according to the location of focus. All Tobacco Control issues were included, from the first in March 1992 to the most recent available at time of writing (May 2011).