Table 1

Summary of the total arguments made opposing plain packaging of tobacco products*

Argumentative frameNumber and proportion (%) of posts containing the frame
Plain packaging ‘won't work’206 (27.1)
Anti-Labor Party/anti-Prime Minister Rudd117 (15.4)
Distraction from tobacco tax increase77 (10.1)
Nanny state policy66 (8.7)
Other health problems more important63 (8.3)
Legal impediments52 (6.8)
Smoking is only about addiction45 (5.9)
It won't stop kids smoking45 (5.9)
People will find ways to get around the law45 (5.9)
The tobacco industry will benefit23 (3.0)
Slippery slope—what will be next?22 (2.9)
Total arguments761 (100)
  • * Includes those opposing arguments made in the 454 not in support comments plus the 15 mixed comments.