Table 2

Summary statistics: variables included in each analysis

Regression model, monthly data, January 2007–December 2010 (48 observations)
 Domestic filtered cigarette sales (smoothed with 4 months moving average filter)Million piecesState Statistics Committee of Ukraine158424.081328.795966.5911226.80
 Real average price of a pack of cigarettesUAHState Statistics Committee of Ukraine152.920.841.994.61
 Real average salaries plus real average unemployment benefitsUAHState Statistics Committee of Ukraine152591.02899.611086.424499.67
Other control variables
 Index representing four non-price tobacco control measures1.251.3003
Point elasticity estimates, annual data, 2007–2010 (four observations)
 Domestic filtered cigarette salesMillion piecesState Statistics Committee of Ukraine15101386.2912965.2084245.17112800.00
 Domestic filtered cigarette sales plus cigarette importsMillion piecesState Statistics Committee of Ukraine15106031.1612839.0988754.03117504.00
 Filtered cigarette production plus cigarette imports minus filtered cigarette exportsMillion piecesState Statistics Committee of Ukraine15106037.5813146.2589047.49117838.63
 Real average price of a pack of cigarettesUAHState Statistics Committee of Ukraine153.080.942.244.29
 Real GDP per capitaUAHInternational Monetary Fund1620018.173382.2515602.9423818.11
Other control variables
 Three income elasticity estimates+0.06 from Krasovsky et al12
+0.29 from Peng and Ross14
+0.24 (estimate from our regression model)
  • Price and income measures were adjusted for inflation using consumer price index (January 2007=100).15 In the regression model, income=percentage employed×average monthly salary+percentage unemployed receiving unemployment benefits×average unemployment benefits.

  • UAH, Ukrainian Hryvnia.