Table 2

Outcome measures from included studies (lead author, year)

Outcome measuresWilson, 2010Wilson, 2005Grigg, 2008Ivers, 2005Boyle, 2010Fernandez, 2008Johnston, 2010Vogeltanz-Holm, 2009Stewart, 2011Taualii, 2010Swartz, 2006Whittaker, 2008Whittaker, 2011Bramley, 2005Johnston, 1998Daley, 2006 and Choi, 2006Daley, 2009Mitschke, 2010Doorenbos, 2011Patten, 2010
Relevance x x xxxx xx
Cultural suitability xx x xx x
Identification with message x xx x
Emotional response xx xx x
Usability xxxx x x
Believability x x x
Perceived effectiveness xx
Awareness x x
Knowledge x x x x
Unprompted recallx x x
Prompted recall x x
Confirmed recall x
Recall, unspecified x x
More likely to quit x x
Influence to quit/cut down xxx
Intention to quit x x
Intention to smoke x x
Smoking behaviour x x
Talked to others
about quitting x x
Cigarette consumption/cutting down xx
Quit attempts x x x
Self-reported quit rate xx xxxx x
Validated quit rate xx x
Smoking cessation advice x x x
Calls to Quitline xx
Scientific accuracy x
Readability score x
Behavioural observation xx