Table 4

IrelandSS estimates of total smoking-attributable deaths and deaths averted for selected years and cumulative over the years 2011–2040

Status quo policies63427979960910 112261 363
 Independent policy effects
  Tax 70% of retail price6342791694339880257 682
  Complete smoke free and enforcement63427971959010 090260 977
  Comprehensive ad ban and enforcement63427964957310 071260 627
  High-intensity tobacco control campaign6342778890959493250 743
  Strong health warnings6342793794959970259 008
  Strong youth access enforcement63427979960610 090261 238
  Cessation treatment policies6342786992539590253 887
 Combined policy effects
  All of the above6342756884218551236 595
Absolute change in attributable deaths from status quo (deaths averted)
 Independent policy effects
  Tax 70% of retail price 631752313681
  Complete smoke free and enforcement 71922386
  Comprehensive ad ban and enforcement 143640736
  High-intensity tobacco control campaign 19051461810 621
  Strong health warnings 411141412355
  Strong youth access enforcement 0321125
  Cessation treatment policies 1103555217476
 Combined policy effects
  All of the above 4111188156024 768