Table 2

Proportion of participants reporting behaviour change or avoidant behaviour as a result of pack

Behaviour change/avoidant behaviourFirst measureSecond measureThird measureFourth measure
Kerrods (%)Own (%)Kerrods (%)Own (%)Kerrods (%)Own (%)Kerrods (%)Own (%)
Stub out cigarette9911911102111
Forgo a cigarette154206196*309*
Keep pack out of sight5313***5713***6013***577***
Cover pack224**262**264**304***
Smoke less around others3311**3710**4613***447***
Think about quitting4527*5930***4929*5228**
Want to quit41233719*35263726*
Mean number of actions2.100.902.380.882.401.002.650.88
  • Base: Those completing all waves and using correct packs (number ranges from 41 to 48 due to missing data on some items).

  • *p<0.05; **p<0.01; ***p<0.001.