Table 2

Service performance and expected effectiveness of public health centre-based Smoking Cessation Clinics in Korea, 2009

Number of Smoking Cessation Clinics253
Number of counsellors (full time equivalent)544
Number of service users who set a quit date354 554
Proportion of NRT users70.0%
Mean duration of NRT use2 weeks
4-week quit rate (number of success)* 78% (276 552 smokers)
6-month quit rate (number of success)* 40% (141 821 smokers)
1-year quit rate (number of success) 28.1% (99 630 smokers)
8-year quit rate (number of success) 12.9% (45 830 smokers)
Total life-years saved164 987 life-years
  • Source of data: Smoking Cessation Clinic electronic database system.

  • * Self-reported.

  • Estimated using relapse rate and the background population cessation rate.

  • NRT, nicotine replacement therapy.