Table 4

Percentages of smokers reporting smoking reduction and the use of NRT for smoking reduction and/or temporary abstinence at baseline and follow-up

Smoking reductionUsing NRT for smoking reductionUsing NRT for temporary abstinence
At baseline, n1433261352
 Continuing at follow-up, % (n)72.6 (1040)37.2 (97)25.3 (89)
 Stopping at follow-up, % (n)27.4 (393)62.8 (164)74.7 (263)
Not at baseline, n14197792500
 Not at follow-up, % (n)56.4 (800)90.5 (705)95.3 (2382)
 Starting at follow-up, % (n)43.6 (619)9.5 (74)4.7 (118)
  • Table entries are weighted to match the 2001 census. Table entries are based on reports of smoking at baseline and follow-up (n=2852); those reporting that they were no longer smoking at follow-up were excluded.

  • NRT, nicotine replacement therapy.