Table 3

Clustering of tobacco retail outlets

N=1639* No. of tobacco retail outlets having at least one other tobacco retail outlets (%)No. of other tobacco retail outlets
Mean (SD) Range
Within a 50 m radius798 (48.7)0.7 (0.9)0–4
Within a 100 m radius1324 (80.8)2.0 (1.8)0–11
Within a 200 m radius1583 (96.6)5.7 (3.9)0–24
Within a 400 m radius1634 (99.7)17.0 (7.7)0–43
  • * This table shows the actual clustering of tobacco retail outlets, so supermarkets and markets, which are exceptions of the density standard (50 m is the minimal distance between two closest stores), were included into the calculation.

  • The calculation was based on all 1639 tobacco retail outlets.