Table 1

Home smoking restrictions and smoking behaviour among smokers, pre-legislation (pre-law) and post-legislation (post-law) (%)

Intervention countriesControl country
Pre-lawPost-lawPre-lawPost-lawPre-lawPost-lawPre-lawPost-lawPre-law 1Pre-law 2
Home smoking restrictions among baseline smokers
 N76712311000 16271077
 % total HSB17.021.324.128.229.740.914.618.724.029.3
 % partial restrictions49.450.361.560.355.747.859.560.850.848.9
 % no restrictions33.628.414.411.614.611.325.920.525.221.8
 p Value* 0.003<0.001<0.001<0.001<0.001
Home smoking restrictions among continuing smokers
 % total HSB14.616.123.025.627.738.
 % partial restrictions47.251.061.662.056.349.659.561.051.350.5
 % no restrictions38.232.915.412.416.112.226.322.025.324.0
 p Value* 0.0310.003<0.001<0.0010.201
Cigarettes smoked per day at home among continuing smokers with no HSB at both measurements
 N 5804441105
 Arithmetic mean
 p Value 0.469<0.001<0.001
Cigarettes smoked per day among continuing smokers
 Arithmetic mean19.318.012.612.515.514.715.615.217.816.2
 p Value <0.0010.777<0.0010.0050.121
  • * The p value refers to McNemar–Bowker tests of symmetry.

  • Question was not asked in the Irish and the UK surveys.

  • The p value refers to paired t tests.

  • HSB, home smoking ban.