Table 3

IrelandSS projections of male smoking prevalence for ages 18 and older, Ireland, 2010–2040

Status quo policies26.1%25.9%24.1%21.8%20.0%
 Independent policy effects
  Tax 70% of retail price26.1%25.1%23.1%20.6%18.7%
  Complete smoke free and enforcement26.1%25.9%24.1%21.7%20.0%
  Comprehensive ad ban and enforcement26.1%25.8%24.0%21.6%19.9%
  High-intensity tobacco control campaign26.1%24.3%22.4%20.0%18.2%
  Strong health warnings26.1%25.6%23.8%21.4%19.7%
  Strong youth access enforcement26.1%25.9%23.7%21.0%18.9%
  Cessation treatment policies26.1%25.4%23.1%20.6%18.8%
 Combined policy effects
  All of the above26.1%22.5%19.5%16.5%14.5%
% Change in smoking prevalence from status quo
 Independent policy effects
  Tax 70% of retail price −3.3%−4.3%−5.5%−6.6%
  Complete smoke free and enforcement −0.2%−0.3%−0.3%−0.3%
  Comprehensive ad ban and enforcement −0.5%−0.6%−0.7%−0.7%
  High-intensity tobacco control campaign −6.3%−7.3%−8.2%−8.9%
  Strong health warnings −1.2%−1.5%−1.6%−1.6%
  Strong youth access enforcement −0.0%−1.9%−3.6%−5.4%
  Cessation treatment policies −2.2%−4.3%−5.5%−5.9%
 Combined policy effects
  All of the above −13.1%−19.4%−24.2%−27.7%