Table 1

Average percentage of the top three or four brands listed on price boards from each market segment, by store type and SES, and postestimation Wald tests for difference in counts of each market segment, by store type and SES

% Premium*% Mainstream†% Value‡
Total sample (143)532026
Store type (n):
 Convenience (42)542224
 Milk bar (29)442036
 Newsagent (14)582320
 Petrol station (32)661420
 Supermarket (26)452527
SES (n):
 Low-SES (32)391843
 Mid-SES (77)562023
 High-SES (34)622315
Postestimation Wald tests
Store typeχ2(4)=15.27χ2(4)=5.56χ2(4)=9.87
  • *Premium brands: Alpine, Benson & Hedges, Davidoff, Dunhill, Kent, Marlboro, Peter Stuyvesant, Vogue.

  • †Mainstream brands: Longbeach, Peter Jackson, Winfield.

  • ‡Value brands: Ashford, Brandon, Choice, Double Happiness, Easy, Holiday, Horizon, JPS, Pall Mall, Red Fortune Bamboo, Superkings.

  • SES, socio-economic areas.