Table 2

Listing of all the monitoring equipment used in the study

MonitorManufacturerCity, StatePollutantI/CLoc.BlankFlow Rate
HOBOOnsetBourne, MACOCD, M, BPassive
AM510TSI Inc.Shoreview, MNPM2.5CB,O1.7 Lpm
Personal Data Ram/PM2.5 cycloneThermo ElectronFranklin, MAPM2.51/CB,O4 Lpm
EcoChemEcoChem AnalyticsLeague City, TXParticle Phase PAHCB
GRIMMGrimm TechnologiesDouglasville, GAPM size distributionCB
TSI Pump/ETS filterTSI Inc,/UC BerkeleyShoreview, MN/Berkeley, CANicotineIB,OX2 Lpm
ChemComb/Leyland LegacyPumpRupprecht and Patashnick/SKCEighty Four, PAGas/Particlephase PAHIB,OX10 Lpm
XAD tube/PAS—500 pumpSKC/SpectrexEighty Four, PA/Redwood City, CANAPIB,OX0.2 Lpm
  • I/C denotes integrated or continuous sampling, D, M and B represent dashboard, middle and backset respectively describing the location where the monitor was placed inside the vehicle. O represents outside the vehicle at the background sampling location. Blank is marked with an X for the monitors that a blank was taken.

  • NAP, naphthalene; PAH, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons; PAS, Personal Air Sampler.