Table 2

Perceptions of regular, limited edition (LE) and plain packs (PPs)

CamelCamel packCamel LE packPPNone*
Most attention grabbing33.3%58.1%5.3%***3.1%
Most attractive32.5%63.1%1.5%***2.3%
Motivate youth purchase31.8%63.9%1.4%***2.1%
Prevent non-smokers starting (non-smokers only)8.6%8.1%71.9%***10.2%
Motivate cessation (smokers only)3.0%3.2%68.0%***24.3%
Reduce consumption (smokers only)2.6%5.6%63.8%***26.3%
Lucky StrikeLucky Strike packLucky Strike LE packPPNone
Most attention grabbing15.7%77.0%4.1%***3.0%
Most attractive23.4%69.9%3.0%***3.2%
Motivate youth purchase20.0%75.1%1.4%***2.7%
Prevent non-smokers starting (non-smokers only)5.5%12.0%71.1%***9.9%
Motivate cessation (smokers only)4.5%6.6%61.7%***26.4%
Reduce consumption (smokers only)3.3%3.9%65.5%***26.4%
GauloisesGauloises packGauloises LE packPPNone
Most attention grabbing39.4%50.9%5.5%***4.1%
Most attractive40.3%54.4%0.6%***4.4%
Motivate youth purchase32.5%61.0%1.5%***2.5%
Prevent non-smokers starting (non-smokers only)7.6%5.9%74.6%***9.7%
Motivate cessation (smokers only)2.1%3.2%67.0%***27.0%
Reduce consumption (smokers only)3.2%3.6%65.5%***25.9%
  • * 'None' responses were removed from the χ2 analysis.

  • Total is not equal to 100% because missing data were removed from the analysis.

  • ***p<0.001.