Table 4

Binary logistic regression 2: selection of plain, rather than regular or limited edition, cigarette packs, by gender, age, daily cigarette consumption and motivation to quit

Likelihood of selecting the Camel PP
 Prevent non-smokers starting (non-smokers only)−0.13−0.280.006
 Motivate cessation (smokers only)−0.29−0.024−0.690.766*0.063
 Reduce consumption (smokers only)−0.18−0.024−0.580.480.034
Likelihood of selecting the Lucky Strike PP
 Prevent non-smokers starting (non-smokers only)−0.22−0.67*0.015
 Motivate cessation (smokers only)−0.34−0.33−0.320.440.038
 Reduce consumption (smokers only)−0.130.06−0.240.390.016
Likelihood of selecting the Gauloises PP
 Prevent non-smokers starting (non-smokers only)−0.39−0.220.013
 Motivate cessation (smokers only)−0.2−0.15−0.0530.8*0.047
 Reduce consumption (smokers only)−0.45−0.170.0720.440.032
  • *p<0.05.

  • CPD, daily cigarette consumption (<10 a day or more than 10 a day); MQ, motivation to quit (yes or no); PP, plain pack.