Table 4

Means and SDs for functional and risk-minimising beliefs at each wave by smoking status

Quitting statusW1W2W3
Functional beliefs, mean (SD)
 Continuing smokers3.40 (0.01)a 3.40 (0.01)a 3.36 (0.01)b
 Successful quitters3.05 (0.06)c 2.43 (0.06)d 2.27 (0.07)e
 Failed quitters3.06 (0.06)c 2.50 (0.05)d 2.93 (0.06)c
Risk-minimising beliefs, mean (SD)
 Continuing smokers2.82 (0.01)f 2.83 (0.01)f 2.79 (0.01)g
 Successful quitters2.43 (0.06)h 2.23 (0.05)i 2.13 (0.05)j
 Failed quitters2.44 (0.07)h 2.26 (0.07)i 2.35 (0.07)hi
  • Higher means indicate a greater endorsement of functional or risk-minimising beliefs (5-point scales). For each type of belief, elements with a common single subscript letter represent non-significantly different means, p<0.05, as determined by relevant simple effects tests.

  • All other elements within each belief type are significantly different from each other.