Table 3

Nicotine concentrations before and after the introduction of a partial smoking ban in a Swiss prison

LocationBefore the ban (μg/m3)After the ban (μg/m3)
Security staff room12
Common living room in open living unit, under the roof143
Occupational working unit, break area152
Occupational working unit, sanding wood area42
Snooker room62
Common eating room (cafeteria)82
Mechanic work area, break area172
Mechanic work area, welding post22
Carpentry, break area21
Farmers' break room<13
  • A paired t test comparison grouping the 10 sites where nicotine was measured both before and after the ban showed a statistically significant change (p=0.03, t=2.53, 95% CI for difference of means: 0.52 to 9.28, mean before: 7.0 μg/m3, after: 2.1 μg/m3, difference: 4.9 μg/m3).

  • Nicotine comparative value measured locally outdoors was below the limit of detection (0.2 μg/m3 for a total volume of 57 L sampled air).