Table 1

Victorian adults’ support for phasing out cigarette sales in the future

Victorian adultCurrent Victorian smoker
Some people think that there will come a day when cigarettes will no longer be available for sale from retail outlets in Australia. Do you think this would be…*
 A good thing71.6322457.0492
 A bad thing8.939919.7170
 Neither a good or a bad thing17.478520.9181
 Don't know/can't say2.1942.420
Some people believe that there may come a time when it will no longer be legal to sell cigarettes in retail outlets in Australia. What timeframe do you think is fair in relation to the proposed phasing out of the sale of cigarettes from retail outlets? Would you say…
 Within the next 5 years31.4141327.0205
 Within the next 10 years21.496215.2116
 Within the next 20 years12.25499.773
 Yes, but not within the next 20 years5.92636.550
 No, not ever25.6115037.8287
 Don't know/can't say3.61623.829
  • *Asked in 2009 Smoking and Health Survey.

  • †Asked in the 2010 Smoking and Health Survey.