Table 1

Cigarette retail prices in China by tier, 2009

TierRetail price (¥/pack)Producer profit (%)Retail profit (%)Smokers (N)Smokers (%)
1[0, 2.65)17.610.0111413.2
2[2.65, 5.15)25.010.0383045.3
3[5.15, 8.97)33.310.0234527.7
4[8.97, 18.95)33.315.095511.3
5[18.95, 29.76)40.815.01501.8
6[29.76, ∞)51.515.0590.7
  • Retail price ranges are calculated according to the formula (Gao, Zheng and Hu, 2011): Retail Price=Allocation Price×(1+Producer π)×(1+Retail π)×(1+VAT), where π denotes profit and VAT is the value-added tax. The ranges for profits come from Gao, Zheng and Hu (2012). For retail price ranges, a bracket denotes a closed interval, and a parenthesis denotes an open interval. Tiers 4–6 are combined for analysis due to small cell sizes. Cell counts and proportions are survey weighted. The unweighted sample size is 8552 person-years from 3477 smokers.