Table 3

A comparison of dippers and smokers in relation to multiple continuous measures with stratification by lifetime use

Lifetime useDippersSmokers
NMeanSDp Value*NMeanSDp Value*
HONC score<100341.532.110.000611.892.380.000
AUTOS score<100393.924.450.000784.965.010.000
Withdrawal subscale<100390.921.710.000780.731.660.000
Psychological reliance subscale<100391.181.470.000781.602.010.000
Cue-induced desire to use tobacco subscale<100391.821.900.000782.632.080.000
Pleasure from smoking/using dip<100364.831.980.000604.682.030.000
Latency to withdrawal, h<100165732340.000265752310.000
  • * p Value for the vertical contrast of lifetime use for dippers and smokers analysed separately.

  • This was the only measure on which dippers and smokers differed significantly from one another in this table (p<0.05 for both levels of lifetime use).

  • AUTOS, Autonomy Over Smoking Scale; HONC, Hooked on Nicotine Checklist.